1.  The laws of the United States of America for conduct in a public place apply to all people on this campground. 

2.  Camp Ben McCulloch does not allow or condone the use of illegal drugs or activities by any individual or group. Any group that allows or condones such action of its members will not be permitted the use of Camp Ben McCulloch. 

3.  Willful  destruction of Camp Ben McCulloch property will result in expulsion  from the campground and prosecution under the laws of the United States of America. 

4.  Camp  Ben McCulloch property limits are defined by fencing on the east and  west sides, FM 1826 on the north side and Onion Creek on the south side. Campers are requested to honor these boundaries while on the premises. 

5.  No dumping is allowed on the property, including sewer lines from RV’s. 

6.  All dogs are required to be on a leash while on the Camp Ben McCulloch property. 

7.  “Dirt Bike” motorcycles or four wheel motorcycles are not allowed to be ridden on the campgrounds. 

8.  The motorized vehicle speed limit is 15 MPH for all areas of the campground. 

9.  Persons  on the campgrounds are to respect the adjoining parties on the  campgrounds and maintain the noise level and conduct as appropriate for a  park. 

10. Loud noise is prohibited after 10:00 P.M. except for Camp Ben McCulloch sponsored activities. 

11.  Firearms are not permitted on the grounds of Camp Ben McCulloch, including concealed weapons. 

12.  Horses are not allowed between the Dance Pavilion and Onion Creek except for Reunion sponsored activities. 

13. No glass containers are permitted. 

14.  There is a 14 day camping limit for every 90 day period, with the exception of the Reunion. 

The purpose of Camp Ben McCulloch is to provide enjoyment for all. Please help us accomplish this goal by adhering to these Rules of Conduct.